New Book Coming “HTML Mastery”

There’s a new book coming out that looks promising-HTML Mastery: Semantics, Standards and Styling by Paul Haine. It’s due to release in the next month or so. The book describes in detail how to use semantic XHTML for a usable and accessible web site.

Not a new concept (dare I say trendy?) but very valid and relevant as this is what we should all be developing for. The web site for the book states:

it’s aimed at web designers and developers who have already mastered the basics of HTML and web design, but want to take their markup further, making it leaner and more semantically rich, for a more efficient, more usable/accessible web site

3 thoughts on “New Book Coming “HTML Mastery”

  1. It really seems like the market is being flooded with HTML/CSS books. Here is another one by Ande Clark , and they all essentially cover the same things. Are we at a point where we need to explore new topics, or are we simply refining our skills in HTML/CSS?


  2. Ross, I find it interesting that you pick out my book and Andy Clarke’s book as covering the same thing, because they’re actually completely different. HTML Mastery is all about (X)HTML, an in-depth guide on all the available elements and how best to use them, whereas Transcending CSS is much more about the actual designing of websites, and features very little discussion of HTML. I think you’d have had a hard time picking two books with anything less in common!

    I agree that there are lots of new books coming out at the moment, but I don’t see a lot of overlap between them - and even if there is, surely the more the merrier? We all have different styles of writing, after all.


  3. Hi Paul, thanks for your comment and I do agree with what you are saying.

    At the time of that comment there was not a whole lot of public information about the exact coverage of Clarke’s book which at face value looked like an XHTML/CSS book.

    Now that I have picked it up and browsed through it, I see that is not the case. =)


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