Author: Deborah Edwards-Onoro

Changes for our Event Management

seated attendees at Global Accessibiility Awareness Day

Thank you for continuously being part of the tech community in Detroit! Refresh Detroit has been committed to bringing meetup events centered around usability, accessibility, and web standards.

Moving Away from

We have been able to provide these events at low or no cost through sponsorships.

However, over time has increased fees and has failed to make accessibility a priority on its platform.

We’re always looking for sponsors, with or without meetup. If you or your company would like to sponsor an event, please reach out to us.

New Home for Upcoming Events and Announcements

We will continue to have events in the city and will be posting announcements here on our website as well as on Eventbrite.

To get alerts of upcoming events and event recaps we’ve created a new mailing list. We hope you’ll subscribe.

Thank you! You are what makes the Detroit community great! Help us continue to make you awesome!

Deborah Edwards-Onoro and Nick DeNardis
Refresh Detroit Leaders

Recap: Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2017

Refresh Detroit’s fourth annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day event was a smashing success!

We were fortunate to have two speakers from event sponsor Deque Systems, a leader in accessibility software and testing. UX designer Caitlin Geier started us off with her five keys to designing for accessibility. Continue reading “Recap: Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2017”