Mobile Web Best Practices - Webinar

The W3C is offering a free one-hour webinar on Monday, November 20, 2023 at 11am Paris time (5am New York time) on the best practices in mobile web development. The presenter is Dominique Hazael-Massieux.

This webinar is perfect for those developers with XHTML/CSS experience and good markup methods for website development who want to learn more about designing for mobile devices.

From the abstract:

“This presentation will briefly introduce the W3C Mobile Web Initiative, before diving into the documents produced by the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group, with a specific focus on the Best Practices themselves, the accompanying techniques, and the plans for the future mobile OK mark. This will be illustrated with examples and demonstrations of the Mobile Web Best Practices checker.”

I attended Cameron Moll’s W3C Mobile Web presentation (PDF: 7.6M) earlier this year. If this seminar is anything like Cameron’s, it’s not to be missed! The only problem for me is the time-it’s hard to get up at 5AM…
Interested? Sign up online.