World’s largest online card sort

Just checking who might be interested in participating in STC’s “world’s largest online card sort”. I know little about the event other than what’s posted on the STC website. I signed up to be an organizer; hopefully I’ll find out soon what that means! If you’re interested in participating, signup online.

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  1. Sounds interesting, Deborah. The site is very usable (and the page almost validates), but doesn’t tell us what we want to know: what does being a participant actually involve doing? Got me…


  2. Dennis,

    Yes, you’re right. There wasn’t much info; unfortunately I really didn’t have any details. Until today!

    I’ve just updated the details on the event. If you’re interested in joining in (I hope you are!), send me an email at the email address in the RSVP section of the event listing at

    If you haven’t tried out WebSort yet (the online card sorting application), give the demo a whirl! It’s a pretty neat application.


  3. Here’s an update on the world’s largest card sort:

    From the demographic survey, about 500 people in 19 or 20 countries, it depends on how countries are counted, participated in the exercise. Participants represented 6 of the 7 continents - the only one not represented was Antarctica.

    Just over half of the participants were from the United States, with strong participation from the UK, Canada, The Netherlands, and Israel. The type of participants have tremendous range: from high school students to retirees, from minimal to heavy weekly internet use.

    Over the next few weeks, the results will be analyzed for similarities and differences in how people categorized weather. The card sort was done in two languages, English and Farsi, and the two sets of data amalgamated.

    Thanks to everyone who participated! Once the analysis is completed and published, I’ll post a link to the results.


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