July 13, 2023 - Web Design Process…More or Less

Most facets of society, work, play, education are reinventing themselves in response to social networking and the growing presence of digital media, visual communication and access to an ever expanding universe of knowledge. As software and hardware platforms change, a solid design process can allow a method for collaborative teams to approach complex learning and development.

Solid design processes can help direct a group, increase project success rates, and inspire the next generation of innovative thinkers who will utilize communicative technologies and visual media to meet the challenges of current times. Maria and Colleen will share their collaborative work creating a design process that can assist the management and workflow of web design.

Colleen Case

As an associate professor in Computer Graphics Technology at Schoolcraft College, Past Education Director of ACM SIGGRAPH, Fulbright Scholar to China, and co-chair of other diverse international workshops and events; Colleen synergizes years of instructional design, graphic design, artistic endeavors and professional business experiences.

Colleen Case is published in the “International Journal of Web Based Communities”, “LEONARDO”,”SIGGRAPH Conference Abstracts and Applications” and “Elsie Vier”. She has done technical review and jurying for Eurographics, ACM SIGGRAPH, Thompson Learning and Scott Jones publishers.

Colleen has both business and educational experience in the fields of Computer Science and Computer Graphics. She established and tested a web design process for the classroom that evolved during a sabbatical into a workbook and is being further developed for publication.

Maria Gosur

Maria Gosur carries experience in diverse areas of design, business, and education. As an independent web and graphic designer of I Can Create That, for over six years Maria has been providing her creative services to many organizations, school systems, and design groups. Her various project experiences led her currently to a full-time Web/Application Developer position at Schoolcraft College where she also teaches Computer Graphics Technology courses part-time. Maria has also taught Digital Media Design courses at Baker College of Auburn Hills and has shared her expertise with volunteer groups and advisory committees.

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