Meetup: Wed, Nov. 29, 2006

Mark your calendars! The next meetup for Refresh Detroit is planned for 6:30pm Wednesday, November 29th. We’ll be meeting at the Stout Pub in Brighton. Google map to Stout. Deborah Edwards-Onoro of Lireo Designs will be giving an informal presentation on Information Architecture. New visitors welcome!

2 thoughts on “Meetup: Wed, Nov. 29, 2006

  1. Great meetup everyone! There were a few last-minute cancellations, but a good turnout anyway. Thanks to Deborah for preparing that great card-sorting exercise. Welcome Dean!


  2. Hi all,
    Sorry to have missed the meeting last night. Isn’t card sorting a great idea for those huge websites where the user wants everything? Can’t wait for the next one-I always need to think about accessibility so I’m looking forward to Dennis’s discussion however formal or informal.
    A great holiday to all-
    Connie Lippert


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