Meetup on Wed, Sept 27 [Rescheduled]

A meetup for Refresh Detroit is scheduled for 6pm, Wednesday, September 27th at Tio’s Mexican Restaurant in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Any local web developer interested in web standards, usability, and accessibility is invited. Come and join the good food and great conversation!

5 thoughts on “Meetup on Wed, Sept 27 [Rescheduled]

  1. Will you be posting the rescheduled meeting announcement at the Yahoo! MIPA group? That’s how I first found out about the Refresh Detroit organization. I couldn’t attend a meeting scheduled on Monday evenings since I’m at school. Wednesdays are certainly better.


  2. Just checking, is the meeting still on for tomorrow night? I posted a comment here last week about the meeting and announcing it at the MIPA group, but it didn’t get posted in the comments.


  3. Meeting went great! Thanks everyone for stopping by, and hope to talk to you all soon.

    Just a quick recap of the things we discussed

    - How to get the word out
    - What we want out of the group
    - What should we include on the events page
    - Brainstrom article ideas


  4. The meetup was fun and very educational. Thank you all for attending. (The food wasn’t bad either!) We sure have a good web buzz going on among us. See you at the next meeting…


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