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This past week I came across two items on Web Standards I thought others might enjoy. First, Robert Nyman, who has some great insights on web development, usability, standards, and JavaScript, published What are Web Standards? A comprehensive explanation of what is comprised in the term. Robert discusses the main areas of web standards, providing details and links for each of the areas.

At Web Standards for Skeptics, Mike Montgomery of Montgomery Studios, provides his recent web standards presentation at the Refresh Miami group. His presentation is subtitled “Web Standards as a Competitive Advantage” and highlights the objections clients have toward web standards, web standards principles, as well as websites built with web standards.

I recognized many of the web standards built sites Mike referenced in the presentation, but was delighted to view some new sites I wasn’t aware of.

Both items presented excellent explanations of web standards, the type of explanations you can use with clients when explaining how you develop websites and the advantages of developing with web standards.

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