Refresh Detroit Recognized as “One of the Best Tech Events”

It was an honor to see Refresh Detroit mentioned in a recent blog post by AdaptiveBlue as One of the Best Tech Events in the USA. We enjoy networking, continuing education opportunities, or sharing our knowledge with friends and colleagues.

What other things draw you to groups like ours? We’d like to know not only how to stay current and relevant to you, but how to stay one of the best in our area!

If you’re interested in finding more great events in the Detroit area, here’s a short list of resources to start with:

We hope to see you at our next event!

4 thoughts on “Refresh Detroit Recognized as “One of the Best Tech Events”

  1. Hi Hedi, I’m Laura from AdaptiveBlue, thanks for sharing our post about Tech Events! 🙂
    You should check out our product Glue, it’s pretty neat.


  2. Jake,

    The next meeting is Wednesday, March 25 at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor. Noel Jackson (from Automattic) is speaking on the transition from print to web design. For more details, check out


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