Meeting: October 15, 2023 Demo Night

Join us for demo night on October 15, 2023 at the Wayne State University Undergraduate Library. Celebrate with us as we have our first Refresh Detroit meeting in the city of Detroit!

We’re looking for people who will demo their creation, design, illustration, application, tool, or product. Each person has five to ten minutes to present and answer questions. Our demo night last spring was such a success, we had to extend it to the next month to allow everyone to show off their latest work!

Demo night is a great opportunity to share your work, see what others have been working on, and get feedback on works in progress.

Special thanks to Heidi Hansen who organized this event, and to our sponsors:

Where: Wayne State University Undergraduate Library, 5155 Gullen Mall, Detroit, Michigan 48202 (map). We’re meeting in the Community Room on the 3rd floor of the library.

Parking: The closest parking will probably be Parking Structure #2 on Anthony Wayne Drive, which is a short walk down Williams Mall to the Undergraduate Library. Parking Structure #5 is another option (it’s next to Parking Structure #2).

For visitors, parking is $3.75 at the gate, quarters or dollar bills only.
Note: there is metered parking, but it’s only for one hour; the parking garage is likely the best option.

When: Wednesday, October 15, 2023 6:30PM-8PM

Interested in demoing your work? RSVP by commenting below with your name and application/design/tool/product, so we have an idea of how many people will be presenting.

7 thoughts on “Meeting: October 15, 2023 Demo Night

  1. I will be demoing something, but the name has not been finalized. It is a toolset for designers/developers.


  2. Look forward to meeting in Detroit. . .
    I have a couple of web sites I’d be happy to show — and Both have php database-driven features that are probably of interest.

    By the way, this is the evening of the last presidential debate, but it probably won’t start until 9 p.m.


  3. Hi,
    I’m getting started in website creation. I would love to attend to see what I can learn from you knowledgeable people. Unfortunately, I have a major schedule conflict this Wednesday.
    Please advise me of future meetings when I might be able to attend.

    Thank you,

    Jack Baum


  4. Deborah, got your comment on my SlideRocket post. I’ve only been using it for a couple of days but I’d be happy to talk about my experiences with it. I did use it to co-create a presentation on usability!

    I’d also be interested in knowing how it changed how Nick “did presentations forever” though. 🙂 I will call on him to explain.


  5. Heidi, thanks for calling me out. I was struggling to find something to present and if needed SlideRocket sounds like a good plan. Ill have to check out a few more of the pizazzy features and whip up something sweet up.


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