Refresh Detroit July 30, 2008: Casual Meeting + Dinner

For our July meeting we plan on just having a casual sit around and shoot the stuff about web design, development, usability, IA, etc…

Some of our first meetings were simple and fun just like this, and considering summer is a great time to relax it would be perfect to come and join us for some great web related discussions! To remember some of the old good times we will be meeting at our old stomping grounds!

We’ll be meeting at Stout Irish Pub in Brighton to attract some folks from Lansing.

Stout Irish Pub
125 E Grand River Ave
Brighton, MI
(810) 225-9571

Google Map

Please comment if you plan on coming so that we can get an accurate reservation. Dennis Lembree, the co-founder of Refresh Detroit (who left for Cali last year), will be visiting us!

Meeting will start at 6:30 and go until people feel like leaving.

13 thoughts on “Refresh Detroit July 30, 2008: Casual Meeting + Dinner

  1. I would love to join in!

    I run a web design company out of Rochester, MI and this sounds like it could be a great opportunity to meet some other folks that do what I do.


  2. Derek,

    Great! Glad you can come out to Brighton for the next meeting. Refresh Detroit has several members who have their own web design company, so you’ll fit right in.

    Nice sites in your portfolio!


  3. Just found your podcast today. I Listened to this year’s recordings. I suppose you can pencil me in to be there for your meeting, though I have to admit, I’m not a big Detroit Fan… I vote to change this site to “Refresh Ann Arbor”… A seperate one on Detroit could be, “Redo Detroit” - why refresh when it comes up the same way everytime?


  4. Jason,

    Glad you can make it to the meeting next week. I noticed from your site that you’re involved with Flex. How long have you been working with Flex?


  5. I’ll be coming in from Monroe county also. Anyway, I’ve been working with Flex for 5-6 months now. I’m finally in a “groove” with it.


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