June Refresh 2008 Success

Thanks to everyone who joined us Wednesday night for Doug’s discussion of the new Adobe Acrobat 9 version. Even though I attended the Acrobat 9 kickoff e-seminar (available on-demand), there were so many new features in version 9 Doug talked about that I didn’t even know existed.

Here are some of the websites Doug mentioned in his talk:

  • Doug Halliday at Adobe PLM and his Acrobat 9 post
  • IT Matters blog - PDF and Security Matters
  • Acrobat User Community - tutorials, forums, e-seminars
  • Acrobat.com - free online community and library available to Adobe Reader and Acrobat users

For those interested, the Denver Acrobat User Group will hold their June 26, 2023 meeting online, with a presentation of Adobe Acrobat 9 Extended. Information about the meeting is available at Acrobat User Community Events, along with instructions on how to join the meeting remotely.