August 22nd Refresh Detroit in Ann Arbor

Refresh Detroit for August will take place on the 22nd in Ann Arbor at Ann Arbor Spark. Chris Lee of 3.7 Designs and Holy Molee Photography will be presenting on JavaScript libraries, why they are useful, and some information on why you might want to choose one over the others.

Event starts a 6:30PM and goes till 8:00, though some choose to stay afterwards and network.

Ann Arbor Spark is located at 330 East Liberty Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Event is free, and most likely will include a meal for those interested.

A special thanks to member Phill Tran for donating the hosting for us.

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  1. Hi all - I added this event to the Michigan UXnet calendar in Google calendars. Feel free to subscribe for UX related events in Southeast Michigan. For more information on UXnet, go to


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