Project management solutions?

I’ve been researching several project management/communication solutions this past week, looking for alternatives to Basecamp. Someone mentioned Zoho Project to me, which I’ve tested out. Zoho has the features I’m looking for - project management tasks and milestones, calendar, time tracking, file uploads, client area, etc.

For the price of $12 (US)/month, I can manage 10 projects with 2G of space, and unlimited users and clients. On Basecamp, I would pay twice the price ($24 US) to manage 15 projects with unlimited users and clients, but only get 500M of space.

Has anyone used Zoho Project? If yes, I would love to get some feedback from you.

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  1. Thanks for looking at Zoho Projects, Deborah! It would be our pleasure having you as our customer 🙂

    Please do write to me or to support(at) if you have further queries on Zoho Projects.


  2. Have you tried out Huddle ( It’s got a totally free version online and brings social networking to project management tools. Defintely worth checking out too 🙂


  3. To all,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.


    Thanks for the offer. Zoho looks to offer some great features and functionality.


    Thanks for the suggestion! I found huddle last week, and did a quick look at their features and pricing.


    Yes, I signed up for the free plan. The basic and standard plans look to be the best fit for my requirements, at $8-$12 (US dollars) a month.

    For others interested in project management solutions, I came across - a blog focused on project management.


  4. If you’re looking for something that’s simple, try Joomla and Taskhopper. ( And you can get support locally! (TH was created in Ann Arbor)


  5. Kase,

    Thanks for the suggestion. It looks promising, but I didn’t want to get tied into Joomla for the project management.


  6. Deborah, probably, I’m too late with my comment:) however I have experience to share. I tried Basecamp, Zoho and many others. Finally I chose Wrike ( Comparing to mentioned applications, Wrike allows adding comments on tasks, editing tasks, setting due dates and so on. What is cool, you get notifications (both email and on the web) when anybody updates shared tasks. They offer unlimited projects at $5 per user.
    By the way, which tool did you decide to use?


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