Internet User Experience 2007 Third Annual Conference

Internet User Experience 2007 Third Annual Conference

This third annual conference brings you top industry speakers, practitioners, and authors to provide you with the most complete package of Internet user experience design training, case studies, and real-world examples ever assembled.

Mon-Wed, Feb 19-22
Ann Arbor, Michigan

2 thoughts on “Internet User Experience 2007 Third Annual Conference

  1. I’ve attended this conference the last two years. If you have the opportunity to attend, this is a great conference to network with other user experience and usability professionals and to keep up-to-date with current methodology.

    I found the panel discussion on the last day to be one of the best sessions of the conference.


  2. I think it is a bit overpriced, given the fact that all of the people presenting are local talent and no leaders of the industry are presenting.


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