Strategy Meeting

Refresh Detroit had a planning meeting today. We discussed strategies for getting the word out about our organization, how to improve our website, and incentives/plans for members of the organization.

We discussed:

  • Submitting the site to web developer directories
  • Press Releases
  • Promotion in Yahoo! Groups
  • Local Chambers of Commerce

The benefits of being with Refresh Detroit:

  • Free meetings to discuss and learn about Web Standards, Accessibility, and Usability
  • Referral and networking service (if a member gets a lead but is too busy to follow, he refers the lead to another member)
  • Link on the web site, and a Badge (which will be created) to showcase your care and participation in Refresh Detroit.

Stay tuned for more information and meetings. If you would like to be a part of Refresh Detroit, please leave us a comment and we will contact you shortly. We soon will have a contact form for those wishing to join our organization.