Why Meetups Matter

Here’s a neat blog article on Boagworld, Why Meetups Matter from a couple months ago. Web expert Paul Boag discusses the advantages of web professionals meeting in person periodically. He encourages those in the web industry to attend meetups–not only web designers and developers, but web site owners as well. Paul states:

Unlike conferences, meetups tend to be free or at least very cheap and so there is little excuse not to go…Even if it is only four or five people, it is still a chance to swap war stories and have a drink while you’re at it.

One thought on “Why Meetups Matter

  1. Dennis,

    I agree – Paul’s article is good! I read his post last fall; it helped me to decide to get involved with Refresh Detroit.

    I’ve enjoyed our monthly Refresh Detroit meetups with web professionals interested in keeping up with current standards, learning more about how others work, and just sharing some good stories!

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