Need office space, great opportunity

3.7 Designs is moving office space until a great location on Main St in downtown Ann Arbor. We are looking for one small (1-2 persons) additional company to move into the space along with our current setup. The rent will be from $250 – $350 a month depending on what your needs are and will offer:

  • Private conference Room
  • Personal Storage Space
  • Personal Desk / Area
  • Shared Amenities (coffee, fridge, etc)
  • Mailing Address + Logo on Door

Those interested please contact ross -izzzaattt- 3point7designs -dizzott- com

Currently we have the following small companies signed on board

  • Facebook application development company
  • Information Architect
  • Search Engine Consulant
  • Design + Marketing

Should be a great opportunity for project sharing and joint business growth!