Looking for Web Backend Developers

3.7 Designs is starting on a powerful ecommerce project with one of Michigans largest auto accessory providers. We are looking to partner with web standards and usability concious web developers to help modify/build the e-commerce functions of the site.

Contact ross – at – 3point7designs.com if you or anyone/company you know would be interested in this exciting project.

5 thoughts on “Looking for Web Backend Developers

  1. Yeah I have looked into that as well. To be honest, working for an e-commerce company and also working with a large scale very expensive platform, Magento is offering every aspect that a client would need from multiple sites, to promotions and its all free with a kick ass if I might say one page checkout.

    Since it is free the community will be huge so support should be good without having to pay. The only thing I worry about, is since its PHP based and open source the chances of exploits happening are larger and you will definitely have to keep up to date with the updates.

  2. I am waiting for a 1.0 version before I spend much time looking into Magento. Their website says “The current release is an early beta version of the product. We highly recommend not to use it in production environments.”

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