Email Spambot Buster

Refresh Detroit co-founder Dennis Lembree of CheckEngine USA (now living in California) has posted a detailed article on protecting your email links on a web page–announcing the Email Spambot Buster! The method is accessible, uses progressive enhancement, and adds a couple neat tricks.

One thought on “Email Spambot Buster

  1. Thanks Dennis for the info. I’ll have to check it out in more detail. I’ve been looking at the article that was published this week at A List Apart, Graceful Email Obfuscation. It’s a bit different than your technique in that it uses PHP and changes the .htaccess file on the server, so the method can’t be used in ASP. My preferred method is to use a contact form, which I recommend to clients. However, they often want their website visitors to have direct access to staff email addresses.

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